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You might feel stressed every day if your elderly loved one lives in a nursing home because you can’t know for certain if they are getting the quality of care and attention that they need to stay healthy. An inordinate amount of nursing homes has been repeatedly flagged for serious safety and care violations by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), yet they are still able to conduct business as if nothing happened. If you get the terrible news that your loved one has suffered an injury or illness due to the nursing home’s neglect or the intentional abuse of a staff member, what can you do to set things right?

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If you live in Tampa, you can begin by calling (813) 993-1448 and connecting with the trusted nursing home abuse attorneys of Gunn Law Group, P.A. Taking on negligent parties and holding them liable for what they have done is a foundational principle of what we do here. By suing the Tampa nursing home that hurt your loved one, you might not only get financial compensation, but you might also help stop future abuse and neglect there that could hurt others.

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What Can You Do About Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse in Tampa?

Other than filing a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit on behalf of your elderly loved one, you have the important task of keeping an eye out for the signs of abuse and neglect. Elders often cannot tell anyone about the abuse or neglect they have endured because they are afraid of the potential backlash, cannot communicate clearly due to a health complication, or cannot remember the details of the abuse due to memory issues. As a family member who visits or calls your elderly loved one in a nursing home often, you might be the first person who can spot the warning signs that something is wrong.

Warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect can include:

  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Fear of a specific person
  • Unexplained financial losses
  • Bruises, cuts, and bedsores
  • Messy or unclean appearance
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Lethargy and signs of depression
  • Overmedication

What Can You Sue a Nursing Home For in Tampa?

Nursing homes owe their residents a safe and attentive living space that cares for all their needs and health concerns. You can sue a nursing home for violating those rates in a way that could have been avoided and that resulted in your elderly loved one’s injury. When the harm is done unintentionally, it is caused by neglect. If it was intentionally inflected, then it is abuse.

Common forms of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

  • Physical harm, such as attacks from staff members or other residents
  • Sexual assaults that are often carried out against patients with dementia
  • Emotional trauma caused by humiliation and belittling
  • Social isolation caused by preventing the elder from spending time with other residents
  • Financial theft that takes money from the elder’s bank accounts or pocketbook
  • General neglect, like forgetting to give an elder their daily medication

What are the Three Most Common Complaints About Nursing Homes?

Three of the most common complaints about nursing homes in Florida that our nursing home abuse lawyers hear are:

  • Insufficient staffing: When there are not enough staff members on the clock for the number of residents in the nursing home, all sorts of serious issues can follow. A nurse who genuinely wants to help every resident might be forced to spend as little as 10 minutes a day with them, which is not nearly enough in any situation. Staffing issues can also arise if the nursing home hires staff members who are not qualified for the job’s requirements.
  • Delayed response to emergencies: Another common complaint from residents and their families about nursing homes is that it takes too long for staff members to respond to calls and crises. This issue often traces back to staffing issues, too. When a resident needs attention, they might have to wait hours if free staff members aren’t available.
  • Substandard meal quality: Dehydration and malnutrition are serious issues in many nursing homes, which is why it is no surprise that poor nutrition quality is another top complaint among residents. Meals in many nursing homes are prepared offsite and microwaved before being served.

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If your elderly loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, then now is the time to take legal action. Our Tampa nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys are standing by to hear from you. Tell us what happened, and we can help you figure out what to do next to prevent further harm and how to pursue compensation from the unsafe, unprofessional nursing home or assisted living center.

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