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Anoxic & Hypoxic Brain Injuries

Anoxic & Hypoxic Brain Damage Lawyers in Tampa, Florida

Lawsuits Following Severe Medical Malpractice

Gunn Law Group stands up for patients who suffered an anoxic or hypoxic brain damage caused or worsened by a medical provider’s mistakes. Our medical malpractice attorneys are known throughout Tampa and the surrounding areas of Florida for being willing to take complex cases other law firms turn down.

We know that medical malpractice claims can be difficult to win, which is why we never hold back when taking on the opposition.

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What are Anoxic & Hypoxic Brain Injuries?

Oxygen deprivation issues can cause two types of brain injuries:

  • Anoxic: A complete lack of oxygen being supplied to the brain will cause brain cell death within about four minutes, which is an anoxic brain damage.
  • Hypoxic: When brain cells are harmed but not necessarily killed due to restricted – but not totally stopped – oxygen intake, it causes a hypoxic brain damage.

The consequences of an anoxic or hypoxic brain damage can vary dramatically between one case and another. How long the brain was starved of oxygen, the extent of oxygen deprivation, and how quickly correct medical treatments were applied can all change the effects of hypoxia or oxygen deprivation in the brain.

In some cases, anoxic or hypoxic brain injuries can heal relatively quickly and with little aftercare. Other hypoxia patients require a lifetime of rehabilitative therapy to restore and keep motor control and advanced brain functions. A severe case of hypoxia can cause death within minutes.

Medical Malpractice Can Cause Anoxic & Hypoxic Brain Injuries

Oxygen deprivation to the brain, whether partial or total, can be caused by many unacceptable medical errors. As your Tampa anoxia and hypoxia injury attorneys, we can investigate your symptoms and the details of your medical care to pinpoint what went wrong and if it constitutes medical malpractice.

Issues that can lead to an anoxic or hypoxic brain damage include:

  • Failing to diagnose a heart attack or cardiac arrest
  • Failing to notice and clear a foreign object in a patient’s throat
  • Providing a patient with unsafe drugs, causing an overdose or reaction
  • Surgical errors that cause sudden blood pressure drops
  • Anesthesia errors, such as anesthesia overdose

Fighting for Every Penny of Compensation

Living with an anoxic or hypoxic brain damage can be difficult. You deserve full compensation for your injuries and lasting hardships.

In your anoxia or hypoxia injury claim, we can seek damages to help pay for:

  • All medical bills associated with the injury
  • Years of rehabilitative therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Lowered life expectancy
  • Lessened enjoyment of life
  • New daily hardships

If you lost a loved one due to an anoxic or hypoxic brain damage, then we can also file a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Additional or different damages may become available in a wrongful death claim, such as funeral costs and the emotional trauma you have experienced due to the loss of your loved one.

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