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Have you suffered a severe burn injury due to another’s mistake or recklessness? Whether you were burned by a defective kitchen appliance, exposure to a caustic substance, or another type of danger, you can expect that any responding insurance companies will try to challenge your claim each step along the way. To empower your burn injury claim, come directly to Gunn Law Group, P.A. for tenacious legal representation.

Why should you choose our burn injury attorneys?

  • 75+ years of collective legal experience
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Our Tampa burn injury lawyers know the tactics that insurance companies often use to try to deny or minimize liability in a burn injury claim. Our insight does not just come from our extensive legal experience, but also from Attorney Lee Gunn, who is a former insurance defense attorney. When he switched to the other side of the courtroom to represent plaintiffs, he brought all of his knowledge with him to act as a rare advantage for our clients.

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What Can Cause a Severe Burn Injury?

Throughout our decades of legal experience, our attorneys have seen a variety of burn injury cases. We are familiar with the causes of burn injuries, the lasting harm they do, and the compensation often required to help pay for medical treatments, like surgeries and skin grafts.

All of our experience can become your own advantage by letting us represent you from the beginning of your claim.

You can rely on our legal services if you have been burned due to:

  • Fire: Open flames are an obvious source of a serious burn injury, but the source of such flames is not always obvious. For example, defective hoverboard products gained infamy during the 2015 holiday season after consumers across the country were seriously burned by the toys, which had a risk of spontaneous combustion due to a battery failure.
  • Hot surfaces: In some cases, a severe burn injury may be caused by a hot surface, such as the outside of a crockpot that becomes superheated. Products need to be designed safely to keep consumers from inadvertently touching superheated surfaces, or else the product manufacturer could be liable for any resulting burn injuries.
  • Electrical currents: When a person comes into contact with a strong electrical current, the flow of electricity can cause external and internal burn injuries. Electrocution injuries are highly dangerous and should always be assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible after an accident.
  • Hazardous chemicals: Certain caustic chemicals like industrial cleaners can cause a chemical burn injury when in direct contact with skin. You might be surprised to find that some household products you can buy off a shelf may pose a chemical burn injury risk.

Burn Injury of the Hand

As you might have noticed, a common theme in many burn injury claims is product manufacturer negligence. Many household or unassuming products can become extremely dangerous due to defects that cause them to catch flame, become superheated, or short circuit.

Escalating Degrees of Burn Injuries

When someone suffers a burn injury, the medical professionals who assess it and treat them will assign the burn injury a degree. The higher the degree, the more damage it has caused to the patient. Likewise, the higher the degree, the more likely it will require extensive and costly medical treatments.

The degrees of burn injuries are categorized as:

  • First: A comparatively mild burn injury that reddens the skin and causes pain when touched. First-degree burns will rarely require professional medical treatment and would not normally validate the need for a personal injury claim.
  • Second: A serious burn injury that requires medical attention and professional treatment. Skin will darkly redden and may blister. Severe pain will be experienced by the patient, including during the healing process. Depending on the extent of a second-degree burn, a personal injury claim may be warranted.
  • Third: A severe burn injury that affects all layers of skin and possible tissues underneath. Immediate medical attention is required. Untreated, even a small third-degree burn can be life-threatening due to its vulnerability to infection. At first, pain may not be felt due to the destruction of underlying nerves, but extreme, chronic pain is usually felt soon after and while the injury heals. You should speak with our burn injury attorneys if you have been diagnosed with a third-degree burn.
  • Fourth and higher: Catastrophic burn injuries that are even worse than a third-degree burn are numbered fourth, fifth, and sixth. Burns of these degrees are typically not considered survivable due to the extreme and extensive harm caused to the victim. A wrongful death claim would likely be filed by any surviving family members of the deceased.

How Much Can I Recover from a Burn Injury?

A primary question on your mind will likely be “what compensation can I get from this burn injury?” This is an important question, because having a general idea can help you choose an attorney that fights for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Your compensation will depend on numerous factors, but here are some general items you will likely get payment back from if your claim is successful:

  • Payment of your medical & surgical bills

  • Prescription medication expenses

  • Loss of income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Future rehabilitation costs

Part of our job as your Tampa burn injury lawyers is studying your medical record to better understand your injury and the damage it has caused. With a careful evaluation of your burn injury, we can more accurately calculate your damages, especially noneconomic damages based on pain and suffering.

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Gunn Law Group, P.A. proudly represents the catastrophically injured in Tampa, Odessa, Lutz, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and throughout Florida. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious burn injury – like a third-degree burn – in an accident that was not your fault, then come to our law firm for responsive and quick-moving legal representation.

We remove all unnecessary delays when working on a client’s case to pursue compensation as soon as possible. While you do your best to recuperate or take time to grieve, our Tampa burn attorneys will aggressively challenge the liable parties and any insurance companies representing them.

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