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Is your insurance provider trying to give you the runaround after you filed a claim for a policy payout? As a policyholder who has met your payment obligations and signed an insurance contract, you should be given fair coverage without any hassle.

When your own insurer “forgets” their responsibilities to you as a policyholder and wants to wrongfully deny your claim, the insurance bad faith attorneys at Gunn Law Group, P.A. can help. Our office is in Tampa, but we serve clients throughout the entire state of Florida.

We are one of a few law firms that can litigate insurance bad faith cases in every county in Florida. No matter where you call home in the state, our lawyers can come to your rescue when an insurance company tries to push you around.

Our reputation for aggressively going head-to-head with insurance companies reaches far and wide. In fact, Attorney Gunn is a former insurance defense lawyer who now brings his experiences and insight to the other side of the courtroom for our clients.

You do not need to let an insurer walk over you and your claim. Call (813) 993-1448 to contact us and set things right with the assistance of our Florida bad faith insurance lawyers.

Denials, Delays & Decreased Values

Insurance bad faith can come in many forms. Effectively, any action, decision, or behavior by an insurance company that runs opposite what is promised through your insurance policy could be insurance bad faith under the right circumstances.

However, insurance bad faith usually takes one of these three forms:

  • Denial: Outright denying an insurance claim filed by a policyholder is a simple way for a dishonest insurance company to save its bottom line. Of course, there are ways to properly deny a claim, such as when it is filed for the wrong reasons. It is a serious legal issue, though, when an insurance provider denies a claim without proper justification or without investigating it, as is required through their fiduciary duty to their policyholders.
  • Delay: Rather than denying a claim without due cause, an insurance company may delay the management and processing of a claim as much as possible for no reason. For example, if part of the insurance claim process allows the company 90 days to respond, then a dishonest company may wait until the 90th day to do anything. The goal is to wait out the policyholder, making them drop the claim because they got impatient.
  • Decreased value: Another favorite insurance bad faith tactic is offering a policyholder a lowball amount while saying that it is the most they can get, even if that is not true. Beware any settlement offer mailed to you after an accident of any sort, as it is nearly guaranteed to be less than what you need and deserve. Before responding, even to decline the offer, let our Florida insurance bad faith attorneys review the offer and respond on your behalf.

Call Our Firm for a Careful & Thorough Policy Review

The foundation of any insurance bad faith claim is the insurance policy in question, of course. Before we get too far into the details of your case, our attorneys will benefit from being able to review that policy in detail.

We can help you understand the policy, what it covers, and what it does not. The briefest clause in a policy can completely change its purpose and how it can be acted upon. With that in mind, though, just because something is written in your insurance policy does not mean it is justified.

Far too often, insurers try to put one-sided clauses that unfairly benefit them into their policies, hoping that no one will ever challenge it. To say the least, they are not ready for a challenge from our lawyers, who are renowned throughout Florida for being knowledgeable, fierce, and tenacious.

Contact our Florida insurance bad faith lawyers today. Call (813) 993-1448. We focus on high-stakes cases for the catastrophically injured.

We Demand Fair Treatment for Our Clients

Insurance companies may be tempted to cut corners and violate their own insurance policies to make a profit. Gunn Law Group, P.A. is dedicated to stopping them, though.

If you are concerned you will need to bring a claim against your insurer and do not know where to begin, then let us step in and take over for you. Our experience becomes your own when we manage your claim and prepare for litigation on your behalf.

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