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Some personal injury teams have outstanding experience and track records. Others are known for their friendly services. But why should you have to compromise when choosing a personal injury lawyer? At Gunn Law Group serving Orlando, you don’t have to compromise a thing. We are proud to be able to deliver a comprehensive client experience each time we take a case. We bring the power of a large firm combined with the personality of a smaller firm!

We can help you with a variety of case types, such as:

  • Catastrophic injuries: Life-changing injuries create complicated legal cases. We can help you fight for every penny of compensation, including for years of medical care and lost wages.
  • Nursing home abuse: Let us help you stand up for your elderly loved one’s rights if they have been abused or neglected in an Orlando nursing home.
  • Product liability: Defective products can lead to serious injuries. When they do, we will be there to make a case against the product’s manufacturer.
  • Medical malpractice: If your doctor made a terrible mistake that made you worse than before your treatment, then it might be medical malpractice and justify a claim.
  • Insurance bad faith: When an insurance company mishandles your case intentionally, we can lash back with an insurance bad faith lawsuit that sets them straight.
  • Wrongful death: We can manage your wrongful death claim while you give yourself the time to properly handle and live with your grief, rather than feeling rushed or busy with legal processes.

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What Is Considered Negligence?

An important part of your personal injury case is negligence. Specifically, we want to know how the other party was negligent and why that makes them liable for your damages. Under Florida law, negligence is a preventable action or decision that causes someone to experience an injury, damage, or loss of some kind, especially when that action or decision would not have been taken by another reasonable person. For example, a drunk driver is a negligent driver by default because a reasonable person knows not to drink and drive.

For What Damages Can You Get Compensation?

The monetary compensation owed to you by the negligent, liable party can vary depending on the extent of your injuries. Part of our job as your chosen personal injury attorneys serving Orlando will be to get a clear understanding of the harm you have experienced and will also suffer in the future. With this investigation, we can better calculate your damages, down to the last penny owed to you.

In your personal injury claim, we might be able to get you compensation for:

  • Medical bills: Although you have to pay your medical bills as they are incurred, you can file a claim to be repaid that amount by the liable party. We can also cite future medical care. For example, if you need years of physical therapy, then your compensation should cover those future costs.
  • Lost wages: A serious injury can take you out of work for weeks, months, or longer. The paychecks you cannot earn because you are resting or hospitalized should be repaid to you by the defendant. You can also demand payment for future income if your earning capacity has been limited.
  • Permanent disability: If you have suffered a permanent disability like an amputation or brain damage, then you can cite additional damages that pay for the hardships you will likely encounter in the future because of that disability.
  • Pain and suffering: Non-economic damages related to your pain and suffering can also be cited in your personal injury claim, even though there will be no tangible costs associated with them. Pain and suffering damages can sometimes be the largest form of compensation owed to a claimant.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Cases?

Florida has a four-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases, which is much longer than most other states. Beginning on the day of your injury or when your injury became apparent, the four-year statute of limitations activates. Once it expires, though, you will be blocked from demanding a recovery from the liable party, except in the rarest legal circumstances.

Why Is It Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

From the moment you begin a personal injury case, you can bet that the opposing parties will take action to make sure your case fails. They do not want to spend a penny on you if they can help it. This isn’t personal, it is just how insurance companies conduct business.

Personal injury attorneys are battle-tested professionals who understand how to fight insurance companies for their clients. They use a wide variety of strategies, such as leveraging existing case law, collecting evidence and depositions from witnesses, and negotiating with insurance companies. The goal is to protect their clients' rights by ensuring that they receive the maximum possible compensation for their damages.

Gunn Law Group prides itself on delivering comprehensive service to each and every one of our clients. A personal injury attorney serving the Orlando area from our firm will offer personalized legal advice, vast litigation experience, and the resources of a larger firm – all in the same office!

Why Should I Hire an Attorney from Our Florida Law Firm?

You should hire one of our personal injury attorneys serving Orlando because we can make your life easier and injury claim simpler at every step along the way. We can deal with the insurance company for you while simultaneously building your case from the ground up. We take each case to heart, so you can trust that yours will be made correctly and effectively.

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