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All consumers are entitled to assume the products they purchase are reasonably safe for regular use. Yet product manufacturers are always ending up in the news for making and selling unreasonably dangerous products linked to all types of consumer injuries. While it might be up to the government to regulate and penalize negligent product manufacturers, it is up to each individual to seek compensation after being hurt by a defective product.

If you need to file a personal injury claim against a product manufacturer, do not go down that legal road on your own. Product manufacturers often shield themselves with legal departments who do nothing all day but challenge plaintiff claims. Match and overcome their abilities by letting Gunn Law Group, P.A. and our highly experienced team of Florida product liability attorneys manage your claim and represent you in court if litigation becomes necessary.

Our law firm is committed entirely to working on high-stakes claims for the catastrophically injured. If you or a family member have been seriously injured due to a defective product, rely on our aggressive and reputable lawyers to bring a claim against the product manufacturer, distributor, and/or vendor.

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Florida Legal Experts in Defective Product Litigation

Virtually all products sold or used by consumers are subjected to product liability laws that require them to be manufactured responsibly and safely, not just products you can take off a retail store shelf. If you were using any sort of product, even a consumable item like food, and you were seriously injured due to an unexpected product danger, you should let Gunn Law Group, P.A. know about it.

Some of the most common types of defective product lawsuits involve:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Some of the worst harm done to consumers has been caused by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that were often not tested well enough before being sold on the medical market. The side effects of a dangerous drug can be as severe as they are varied, such as heart failure or mental health difficulties.
  • Medical devices: You might know someone who has been injured by a defective medical device due to the unfortunate commonality of such defects. External medical equipment like warning blankets and dialysis machines are considered medical devices, but so are surgically implanted devices like hip implants and pacemakers.
  • Auto parts: Each year, auto manufacturers of all sorts announce new recalls for their vehicles. While many of these recalls are mandatory and do not involve dangerous defects, others do, like the infamous Takata airbag recall that affected millions of vehicles around the globe.
  • Furniture: The furniture throughout your home could be dangerously defective due to its design. For example, IKEA has recalled millions of its dressers in recent years due to tip-over hazards.
  • Appliances: Were you injured by an electrical defect in your television? Did the toaster in your kitchen start a fire? If a defective appliance caused you or a family member to suffer a serious injury, then our Florida defective product attorneys can help you manage a claim against the manufacturer.
  • Baby products: Products sold to parents to help care for or entertain their children need to be absolutely safe. Even slight defects could pose a serious danger to an infant or toddler. We are proud to take the fight to product manufacturers for parents who are grieving after their child was injured by a defective product.

Identifying Product Defects in Your Injury Claim

How a product becomes defective is important to your injury claim. The source of the defect is often telling of what party is liable. Using our 75+ years of legal experience focused on complicated and catastrophic injury claims, we can investigate the product and its defect to determine what went wrong and why.

There are two ways a consumer product can become defective:

  • By design: When a product is designed poorly, it is defective by design. For example, Takata airbags used an unstable chemical component to trigger the airbag’s inflation, causing the entire device to explode instead. Since the chemical component was incorrect for its intended purpose, the airbag was dangerous by design and never could have been considered safe for consumer use.
  • By manufacturing error: When a product becomes dangerous at some point between the design process and it being sold at vendors, it is defective by manufacturing error. A manufacturing error can be as simple as forgetting a single screw during the assembly process of a piece of furniture or as complex as contamination of production materials that cause the product to cause harm, such as sulphur in Chinese produced drywall.

    No matter what type of product hurt you, it is important that you hold onto the product and any packaging and instructions.

Preserve Evidence: Retain Defective Products & Packaging

No matter what type of product hurt you through a defect, it is important that you hold onto it and any packaging and instructions that came with it. If you report your injury to the product manufacturer, which will happen at least when you file your claim, then they will instruct you to send the product back to them for inspection and review. Do not relinquish the defective product to its manufacturer without first consulting with one of our attorneys.

The defective product will likely be the centerpiece of your injury claim against the manufacturer. If you send it to them, then you will place the strongest piece of evidence in the opposition’s hands and leave yourself with nothing. As the owner of the product, you are under no obligation to send them the product. At some point in your claim, it might make sense to allow the manufacturer to view the product eventually but leave it up to our lawyers to decide when.

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Accusing a product manufacturer of selling a dangerous product and hurting your family is not something that will be taken lightly. The manufacturer will be eager to come to their own defense, refusing to accept any liability for what happened. Instead of trying to fight them yourself, let Gunn Law Group, P.A. in Tampa take control of your case. We are known throughout Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, and beyond for being aggressive product liability attorneys that think outside the box to reach optimal outcomes for our clients.
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