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When you buy an insurance policy, you have the right to expect it to be paid out accordingly if and when you ever need it. Insurance companies looking to save some money can use insurance bad faith tactics to wrongfully deny or undervalue claims, though. If you’ve filed an insurance claim but have since encountered unexpected resistance, then it might be the first sign of insurance bad faith. Clear things up and demand the insurance coverage owed to you by teaming up with Gunn Law Group and our Tampa insurance bad faith lawyers. We can fight any major insurance company in the name of our clients.

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What Constitutes “Bad Faith” in Insurance?

Florida law considers insurance bad faith to have occurred if an insurance company fails “to settle a claim when, under all the circumstances, it could and should have done so, had it acted fairly.” This legal definition implies that any intentionally unfair act of an insurance company that interferes with a claimant’s financial recovery is a form of insurance bad faith.

Two of the most common forms of insurance bad faith are:

  • Wrongful denials: An insurance company that is desperate to save its bottom line might start wrongfully denying claims without any reason. The goal is to make a claimant give up out of frustration. If your claim was denied, then the reason for its denial should have been clearly stated in the denial letter. No valid reason for a denial constitutes insurance bad faith.
  • Insufficient investigations: Insurers should send an insurance adjuster or accident investigator to complete an investigation or inspection of the facts relevant to a claim. After the investigation is completed, the adjuster can calculate how much coverage is owed to the claimant. Insurance bad faith can occur if the investigation is rushed or incomplete, or if it was not conducted at all.

Laws against insurance bad faith do not apply to a specific type of insurance, either. If you purchase an insurance policy of any sort, then the insurer has an obligation to make good on their end of the policy, whether you are dealing with an auto insurance company, homeowners’ insurance company, and so on.

Suing an Insurance Company for Bad Faith

An act of insurance bad faith is disparaging, but don’t give up. With the help of our Tampa insurance bad faith lawyers, you might be able to sue the insurance company for damages owed to you. We can assist with reaching a fair settlement or going to trial for a verdict award.

Your insurance bad faith claim might be able to recover:

  • Money you should have been paid originally through the insurance policy.
  • Punitive damages paid to you as a way to punish the insurance company for wrongdoing.

How to Prove Insurance Bad Faith

Proving insurance bad faith is not always a simple process. Insurance companies know insurance laws and regulations closely, which also means they know how to try to sidestep those laws in the most subtle ways possible. Concrete evidence of wrongdoing can be difficult to uncover if you aren’t familiar with these case types. Turn the experience and insight of our insurance bad faith lawyers into your advantages by allowing us to represent you.

To help prove insurance bad faith, we can:

  • Review your insurance policy to get a full understanding of its scope and details.
  • Check why your claim was denied if a reason was given in the denial letter.
  • Inquire with the insurance company to provide elaboration.
  • Investigate to see if the company has a history of insurance bad faith claims.

Let Us Help If Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, it can impact every corner of your life as necessary financial coverage is denied. Take action as soon as possible to correct the situation, and possibly receive additional damages to make up for the insurer’s misdeeds. Start by calling upon our Tampa insurance bad faith attorneys at (813) 993-1448 at your first opportunity.

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