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Why You Should Never Talk to the Insurance Companies Alone

Florida is a no-fault state. In many car accidents, each party will go through their own insurance company to seek compensation for the damages they sustain. However, there are laws that allow for someone to file a lawsuit against someone if their injuries exceed the threshold.

When insurance companies get involved, they can complicate matters. Insurance adjusters often approach situations with a primary focus of protecting profits. Speaking with insurance companies on your own can leave you vulnerable, so it’s best to get a qualified legal team on your side throughout the entire process.

Here are some reasons to never speak with insurance companies alone:

  • They use tactics to minimize compensation
  • They ask you questions to which they know the answers
  • They focus on their profits over your needs

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They Use Tactics to Minimize Compensation

Insurance companies train their adjusters to minimize how much they pay out. To do so, they use various tactics you should be aware of during the process. They know you’re in a difficult position, so their tactics often play on your situation.

Some of the tactics to look out for include:

  • Recorded statements
  • Offering different values for your losses
  • Discrediting your witnesses’ statements
  • Denying liability

The more insurance companies can do to limit your compensation, the better it is for them. Because you can seek economic and non-economic compensation (depending on your situation), working with a lawyer can be the most effective method for you.

They Ask You Questions to Which They Know the Answers

While we discourage you from ever providing insurance companies a recorded statement on your own, not everyone recognizes the problem with doing so. Insurance adjusters will ask you plenty of questions about the crash, and they usually already know the answers. The reason for asking is with hopes that you’ll say something that contradicts your earlier claims.

If you say something that doesn’t match up to what insurance companies know, they’ll use your statements against you. If insurance adjusters start asking you questions about the accident, politely direct them to your legal team for the answer.

They Focus On Their Profits Over Your Needs

One thing to know about insurance companies is that they often put profits over people. Insurance companies want to minimize how much they pay claimants while still accepting high monthly premiums from their policyholders. When you file a claim after an accident, you threaten those profits.

While small crashes may not be as bad for them, large claims are often met with obstacles with hopes of lowering their settlement. In any case, insurance companies don’t want to pay out compensation if they can avoid it.

The first settlement offer is often much less than you deserve. This is a strategy that insurance adjusters use because they know how much you need money after a crash. They want you to accept whatever they offer so that they don’t have to pay out more. If you accept the settlement, it prevents you from recovering any further compensation.

At Gunn Law Group P.A., we care about your rights. We encourage you to reach out to our Florida car accident attorneys before moving forward in the process. With our team on your side, you can protect yourself from insurance companies that try to take advantage of your situation. We go above and beyond to help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

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