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If you suspect that you have been the victim of insurance bad faith, then you do not have to sit quietly and let the insurer get away with it. You should stand up for yourself with the support of Gunn Law Group and our bad faith insurance attorneys serving St. Petersburg. We know what bad faith insurance looks like, what it can do to our wellbeing, and what to do about it. Put us in charge of your case today, so we can challenge the dishonest insurance provider tomorrow!

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What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Bad faith insurance – sometimes called insurance bad faith in a slight variation – is the act of an insurance provider intentionally mishandling an insurance claim. Typically, the goal of bad faith insurance is to save the insurance company money, which might not be surprising. When a corporation starts pulling strings, it is usually in the name of profit over people.

Common bad faith insurance tactics include:

  • Denials: If an insurance company wants to deny a claim, it must have a valid reason that has been described in the insurance policy information. A denial without a valid reason – or any reason at all – occurs, so has insurance bad faith.
  • Delays: Insurance companies are required to process claims as efficiently as possible. Intentionally slowing down how long it takes to process and investigate a claim is insurance bad faith, such as if the insurer waits until the very last day to respond to each of your inquiries before it violates Florida and federal insurance law.
  • Decreases: The money owed to you through an insurance claim is important. If you do not get the coverage that you should, then it could mean you are out thousands of dollars after an accident or loss. It is bad faith insurance if the value of your payout is decreased without reason.
  • Disinterest: Investigating your claim is an important step in figuring out how much coverage is owed to you. For example, an insurance adjuster should inspect your home if it was damaged in a flood or hurricane. If an insurance company does not bother to investigate your claim and it wants to give you less than the maximum coverage amounts allowable, you should contact us.

Also, changing the terms of your insurance policy before it expires or without giving you a chance to renew is a common form of insurance bad faith. If you were notified that your policy has changed but you never got a chance to renew or cancel before it changed, then it could be a serious legal issue!

Different Insurance Policies That Can Involve Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith can occur when dealing with virtually any insurance policy. As discussed, the act of insurance bad faith only requires some dishonesty from the insurance company, after all. For this reason, our bad faith insurance lawyers serving St. Petersburg are knowledgeable about various insurance industries and policies, so we can help you no matter what insurer or policy is causing you trouble.

Let us know if you have run into trouble when filing a claim for one of these insurance policies:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Auto
  • Business

Can You File Against Your Own Insurer?

First-party and third-party insurance claims are similar yet distinct. A first-party claim is filed against an insurance company that sold you the insurance policy, such as a homeowner’s insurance provider after a natural disaster damages your home. A third-party claim is filed against another person’s or party’s insurance provider, such as an auto insurance company after a negligent driver hits you.

Whether your insurance claim is being disrespected by a third-party insurer or your insurance provider, it is no worry to our law firm. We have what it takes to manage either case to the fullest of our abilities.

Don’t Stop Now – Fight for Your Right to Coverage

Depend on Gunn Law Group in St. Petersburg if you need help figuring out what to do after an act of insurance bad faith that has set you back. You deserve to be treated respectfully and professionally by an insurance company without worrying if they are trying subtle tactics to save a penny. Stand up to them with our help today.

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