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Do You Have to Pay to Get a Surgical Error Fixed?

You go into the hospital for a common operation. After the procedure, a doctor informs you there was an error and that you need to schedule another operation to fix the injury. Your heart sinks because you’re are not sure how you’ll cover a second surgery. That raises the question, do you have to pay to get a surgical error fixed?

What Happens After a Surgical Error?

If you suffer injury from a surgical error, the doctor and hospital may claim that the injury was unavoidable or a “known complication”. In these situations, a patient and their insurance may be required to pay for a second corrective surgery. If a patient hasn’t met their deductible yet, they may be required to cover a portion of that surgery out-of-pocket.

How a Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Your attorney will evaluate whether a medical provider was negligent and, if so, seek recovery of all damages you are legally entitled to receive. This will include the cost of additional surgeries and other medical costs caused by the malpractice, along with lost wages and your pain and suffering.

If you urgently need a second surgery and are concerned about the cost, your attorney may be able to help you find a hospital and doctor that accept lien care. This means these providers perform the surgery but wait to receive payment until your medical malpractice case is settled. In many cases, lien care avoids complications from a delay in corrective surgery due to financial hardship.

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