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Serious Personal Injury


Serious Personal Injury

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spi.jpgFree Serious Personal Injury Case Review

Serious Personal injury can have devastating affects on every aspect of an individual’s life. When an accident results in death, dreams, hopes, and relationships are gone in the blink of an eye. At Gunn Law Group, we know that we cannot undo injury or suffering. We can, however, seek compensation for the injured and be a voice for justice when victims can no longer speak for themselves.

The sad reality is that many accidents are not accidents at all. They are caused by the preventable carelessness of others. Personal injury attorneys at Gunn Law Group prosecute the most serious cases where such neglect results in defective products, substandard medical care, unsafe premises, construction defects and careless driving.

In contrast to the vast majority of personal injury law firms, our attorneys concentrate their practice on the most serious and complex personal injury cases-receiving approximately ninety percent of our cases through referrals from other professionals. At Gunn Law Group, we invest the time and resources necessary to fight big corporations and insurance companies and we have the required mixture of creativity and experience to pioneer strategies that achieve maximum awards.

Once a client retains us, we quickly gather evidence and seek qualified experts to build a strong case. We take an aggressive position with the insurance company to settle your case promptly and efficiently. One defining characteristic of the Gunn Law Group is our passion for the law and our willingness to take cases to trial, and to the appellate courts when necessary.

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