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Product Liability


Product Liability

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America's consumers are a driving force in the world economy. These consumers are entitled to reasonably safe products. It is a sad reality that dangerous and defective products such as drugs with dangerous side-effects, tires that blow out, escalators that maim, and machines with inadequate guards are sold by negligent companies in this country every day. The corporate lust for profit can often result in compromised safety. Drugs are not studied fully, tires are made hastily, out-dated designs are deemed too expensive to correct, and safety switches or guards are seen as too cumbersome or unsightly. All in the name of better sales and bigger profit margins. There is a common misconception that the government wouldn't allow a manufacturer to sell a product if it were deemed unsafe. But the reality is that the government is neither funded nor equipped to test and approve all the various products that are sold in this country. Too often, as with the FDA, government institutions are financially supported by the very businesses they are supposed to regulate allowing these defective products to slip through the cracks. It is the injured victims and their attorneys who must carry the burden of bringing dangerous products to the public light and making corporations pay the price for the harm they cause.

The products liability lawyers at Gunn Law Group are the advocates for victims of dangerous products and helps seek the compensation justice requires. Our firm has helped raise the voice of justice for victims, making large corporations accountable in the court room for marketing and selling these dangerous and defective products.

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