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Working With Clients

Gunn Law Group is very selective of the cases our attorneys accept, allowing us to maintain a high degree of personalized client service. Due to our solid reputation in the legal community and our law practice focus, we are honored to receive the vast majority of our clients by referral from other attorneys and professionals. If you would like us to review your case, please feel free to fill out our free online Case Review Request Form or contact our Intake coordinator at 813-228-7070. Gunn Law Group does not charge a fee to initially review your case.

In addition to the physical and financial hardships that may be caused by an injury, our attorneys understand that pursuing a legal action can also be emotionally trying. At Gunn Law Group, we understand the value of providing the emotional support and encouragement sometimes needed to pursue your legal rights. Our attorneys strive to obtain the maximum recovery the law allows, through aggressive legal representation, innovative strategies in the practice of law, and the financial resources to pursue your case. Our attorneys will provide you with their professional opinions regarding your case and strive to provide exceptional personal attention to each client.  

Once we have accepted a case, most clients choose to retain our firm on a Contingency Fee Basis. A contingency fee is a fee that is charged as a percentage of the recovery and not collected until you make a recovery on your case. This percentage is agreed to by both parties before we begin to work for you and can vary depending on the type of claim and the stage at which we are retained to help you. In Florida, contingency fee contracts are regulated by the Florida Supreme Court and attorneys are prohibited from charging an excessive fee.  If we do not obtain a recovery for you, then you do not pay us a legal fee. We encourage you to read the Clients Bill of Rights which is a disclosure form required by The Florida Bar for clients retaining an attorney on a contingent fee contract. We also encourage clients to read The Florida Bar's Consumer Pamphlet explaining various types of fees.

When working on your insurance, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice, products liabiltiy or serious personal injury case, our goal is to quickly gather evidence and seek qualified experts to build a strong case. Our past success enables us to accept the financial risk of advancing all necessary litigation-related costs to help prove your case. Costs can be incurred for such things as paying experts, insurance appraisals and property damage investigations, obtaining medical records, meetings with doctors to discuss a client's injuries or medical care, court filing fees, and other case related activities. Depending on the complexity and length of a case, costs will vary. Gunn Law Group is reimbursed for costs if we are successful in obtaining either a settlement that you authorize or payment of a judgment. Before settling any case, we always review any offers made by opposing counsel with you and provide a breakdown of all related fees and costs. This is done to give you a clear understanding of the settlement and what amount will go to you personally after all fees, bills and costs are paid.  We cannot settle a case unless we have the client's permission.