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For a FREE case elavuation, please complete the relevant sections of the case submission form below. Tell us who you are and how we can contact you.

Please Note: This information is strictly confidential and will respect the confidentiality of yours information to the fullest extent. Submitting this information is necessary only for purposes of enabling us to do a conflict of interest check prior to responding to you. We cannot respond without being able to do our conflict check.

If you prefer, you may contact us at (813) 228-7070 or call toll free at 1-(866) GunnLaw.

Please provide a brief personal background of the person needing assistance. Many times we are contacted by someone other than the person in need of help, such as a parent on behalf of a child, or wife on behalf of a husband. Please provide the following information on behalf of the person who needs assistance.


Submitting this information does not create an attorney-client relationship and you are not to rely upon your submission of the information contained in this contact form as requiring a response from Gunn Law Group. After we review your submission, it is our practice to contact you about the information you have provided. If we determine we can act as your attorneys, we will obtain detailed information from you about your claim. Please press the Submit button below to send your information to The Gunn Law Group. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.