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Toyota Inspecting Mats After Fatal Crash

Toyota dealers were ordered Tuesday to inspect their Lexus and Toyota vehicles to make sure the right floor mats are installed.

Toyota Motor Sales USA issued the order 17 days after a crash that killed a California Highway Patrol officer, his wife, daughter and brother-in-law, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Mark Saylor was driving a Lexus belonging to Bob Baker Lexus in El Cajon, where his car was being serviced.

Investigators say the Lexus apparently had a floor mat slightly longer than the correct one. Chris Lastrella, the brother-in-law, called 911 just before the crash, telling the dispatcher the car was out of control at 120 mph and the brakes were not functioning.

Federal highway investigators said the mat could have interfered with the accelerator, Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said.

"We urge all other automakers, dealers, vehicle owners and the independent service and car wash industries to assure that any floor mat, whether factory or aftermarket, is correct for the vehicle and properly installed and secured," Toyota officials said in a statement.

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