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Toyota Driver Blames Crash on Gas Pedal

Police in DeKalb County, Ga., say a woman blames the gas pedal of her Toyota Corrolla for her crashing the vehicle into a neighbor's home.

DeKalb County police spokesman Jason Gagnon said the female driver, whose identity was not released, claims the accelerator on her 2009 Toyota Corolla stuck, stopping her from putting on the vehicle's brakes, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday.

"She went down her driveway, put on the brakes and the car accelerated," Gagnon said of Thursday afternoon's accident near Stone Mountain, Ga.

No one was inside the neighbor's home when the accident took place, Gagnon added. The female driver only suffered minor injuries.

The Journal-Constitution said the 2009 Toyota Corolla was named as a model being recalled amid concerns the vehicles' accelerators are faulty.

It is unknown if the accident victim took her vehicle to a Toyota dealer to have the vehicle serviced in response to the recall.

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