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Owners Report Acceleration Problems on Repaired Toyotas

More than 60 drivers in the United States reported their Toyotas suddenly accelerated unintentionally despite being repaired, new data indicate.

Earlier this week, there had been fewer than 10 new complaints reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Roughly 8.5 million Toyotas were recalled in North America, Europe, China and Japan in recent months for unintended acceleration and braking issues.

The new complaints, released Thursday, allege the accelerations led to several accidents, at least three with injuries, the Times said.

Federal regulators said they would contact the complaining motorists to learn more about each instance and would ask Toyota for similar complaints it may have received.

"If it appears that a remedy provided by Toyota is not addressing the problem it was intended to fix, NHTSA has the authority to order Toyota to provide a different solution," the agency said in a statement.

Toyota said it is conducting its own evaluation of the complaints but it was too soon to release findings. The Japanese automaker said in a statement it was doing "everything it can to ensure that our customers are confident in their vehicles."

In Japan, the head of Toyota Motor Corp. told employees the company must begin anew if it wants to recapture the quality that helped make Toyota the world's largest automotive company, CNN reported.

"We must make February 24, the day of U.S. congressional hearing, as the day of restart for Toyota," Akio Toyoda said, referring to the day he testified about the recall.

"We should throw away all our past success and review our value of existence once more," he said. "I'd like to revisit, not only with words but with action, what our real duties are."

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