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Jury Deliberates Over $700M 'Light' Cigarette Verdict

A jury in Missouri is deliberating over whether smokers of "light" cigarettes should receive $700 million from Philip Morris for mislabeling the product as having "lower tar and nicotine" than regular cigarettes.

The verdict was handed down in a class-action lawsuit, which blames the tobacco giant of deceiving Missouri smokers by touting its Marlboro Light cigarettes as safer than regular cigarettes when, in fact, they contained exactly the same amount of tobacco, tar and nicotine.

An attorney for the Plaintiffs argued that a "reasonable consumer" could be expected to purchase Marlboro Lights based on the label's promise that they were safer than regular cigarettes, he said.

The jury began its deliberations on Monday after lawyers on both sides made their final arguments.

Philip Morris stopped labeling its light cigarettes as containing "lower tar and nicotine" in 2003 and stopped using the word "lights" altogether in 2010.

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