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Testing Shows Chemicals in Chinese Drywall

Chinese-made drywall blamed for bad odor and health problems in U.S. homes emits high levels of sulfur and strontium, federal investigators said.

However, the preliminary report Thursday could find no connection between the chemicals and the damage reported by homeowners, The New York Times reported. Several agencies, including the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency, are studying the drywall, used in thousands of homes in Virginia, Louisiana and Florida.

"The first sets of data released today start to explain the differences between Chinese and non-Chinese drywall," said Lori Saltzman, director of the division of health sciences at the CPSC. "Although we know more now than we did just a few weeks ago, we are continuing to learn as much as we can."

About 7 million sheets of drywall were imported to the United States. Much of the material was used in areas where hurricanes had gutted many houses.

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