Mother of Decapitated Baby Sues Doctor for $10M

A mother who gave birth to a decapitated baby at a Kentucky hospital has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the doctor responsible for the delivery, according to court records.

The lawsuit was filed by Micheatria Donelson whose premature baby was decapitated during childbirth in 2006 at Norton Suburban Hospital in Louisville.

Before the delivery, a string-like device called a "cerclage" had been affixed to Donelson's cervix to keep the child in the womb. The string was allegedly left in place during most of the delivery, causing the baby to be decapitated in the womb, Donelson's lawyers argued.

Dr. Joseph Bilotta, the doctor who delivered the baby, testified on Wednesday that he "did not expect" the child to be decapitated because of the cerclage and that he "handled the situation" as well as he could.